4 Commonly Asked Questions about Crowns

Are you in need of a dental crown? If so, then it’s only natural that you would have questions about crowns. Dental crowns are a common tool that dentists use to help patients protect their teeth, but if you’ve never had one before, then you will need to know more before one is installed. As your dentist in Brooklyn, OH, we’re happy to help you get answers to your questions. Here’s what you need to know.

1. What are dental crowns?

A dental crown is a cap that fits over your tooth. Dental crowns can help reinforce damaged tooth enamel. For example, if you’ve recently had a root canal, the hollowed-out tooth will be at risk of cracking and breaking. In this case, your dentist will put a crown on your tooth to protect it from becoming further damaged.

Dental crowns can also be used to hide cosmetic problems. If your tooth is misshapen, cracked or badly stained and discolored, then a dental crown is an option to cover up that kind of problem.

2. What are dental crowns made from?

Dental crowns can be made from a variety of materials. Often, dental crowns are made from tooth-colored material such as porcelain or resin. Dental crowns can also be made from metal. In fact, metal crowns are the most durable of all types of crowns.

However, metal crowns are often the most expensive, and they’re not tooth-colored, either. Which type of material is right for your dental crown depends on your budget, personal preferences, etc.

3. Do dental crowns look natural?

Dental crowns that are tooth-colored look just like real teeth. In fact, your dentist will match the color of your crown to your other teeth, so the tooth with a crown won’t stand out. No one will be able to tell you’re wearing a crown.

4. How do you take care of dental crowns?

Brush your dental crown twice daily with non-abrasive toothpaste, and floss around your crown. Your dentist can show you how to floss around your crown without causing problems.

The professionals at Biddulph Family Dental are happy to answer your questions about dental crowns in Brooklyn, OH. Call today to make an appointment.

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