Got New Dentures? 3 Tips to Adapt to Your New Smile

Are you looking for the most economical way to restore your smile? If so, dentures in Brooklyn, OH may be the ideal solution. Many people obtain dentures every year and get a renewed sense of self-esteem, regained ability to chew their food, and new reasons to smile. However, getting used to dentures can require a short period of adjustment to the change. Take a look at a few tips to help you adapt to your new dentures.

Wear Your Dentures as Much as Possible

When you initially put your dentures inside your mouth, the oral cavity can feel a bit crowded, especially if you’ve been without teeth for a while. However, try to keep your dentures in as much as you can. As you wear them, your jaws and facial nerves will grow accustomed to the new position. Soon enough, you won; even notice the dentures are in your mouth, and you will feel strange without them.

Chew Slowly and Take Small Bites

Learning to eat with dentures can take a bit of time. As you are just learning, practice taking small bites and chewing food slowly. The dentures shift slightly as you chew and as your jaws move. Therefore, it can take some practice to find a rhythm of chewing that feels comfortable for you. To avoid problems, opt for easy-to-chew foods in the beginning.

Pay Attention to Gum Comfort

While the dentures should fit well when you pick them up from the dental office, needing an adjustment after the fact is common. Sometimes, small areas may need to be adjusted because they are placing too much pressure on your gums. As you get used to the new teeth, pay close attention to any areas on your gums that feel sore or uncomfortable, as this can be a sign the dentures to be further adjusted.

Discuss Dentures with an Experienced Brooklyn Dentist

With a little patience and guidance from a Brooklyn, OH dentist, your dentures will perform and feel more like natural teeth. If you are looking to obtain new dentures, reach out to us at Biddulph Family Dental to schedule an appointment for a consultation.