Can a Tooth Extraction Cure Gum Disease?

Your gums and teeth work best as a team, so you may wonder if getting rid of a diseased or damaged tooth will also help your gum disease improve. The short answer is that while tooth extractions won’t cure your gum diseases, they can be an important part of your treatment plan. We’ll look at how the two function together and why it’s important to address both your teeth and gums before they get any worse.

The Infection and the Extraction

Gum disease is an infection of the gum tissue that can stretch into the jaw bone. If you extract the tooth, this doesn’t actually cure the infection. In fact, if you simply pull the tooth and don’t do anything to fill the space, it can lead to additional bone loss. If you need a tooth extraction in Brooklyn, OH, due to an infection, an extraction may stop the tooth infection from spreading to the gums, but this will not do anything to address the original gum infection.

The Best Course of Treatment

The best course of treatment will ultimately depend on what your dentist recommends. However, it generally involves taking care of both matters as quickly as possible. If you have severe gum disease, this may mean performing a few extractions and determining if you’re a good candidate for a grafting procedure to reinforce the gums.

If you can restore your mouth, you may be a good candidate for implants, dental bridges, dentures, or partial dentures. If you have mild to moderate gum disease and require an extraction, you’ll likely be able to get implants or a dental bridge to replace your teeth without requiring a grafting procedure. You may be able to manage your periodontal disease simply by scheduling more deep cleanings.

Tooth Extractions in Brooklyn, OH

If you’re looking for a dentist in Brooklyn, OH, who can tell you more about these two common conditions, the staff at Biddulph Family Dental is here to help. Extractions are a relatively simple procedure, even if they can be scary to schedule on the surface. Once the tooth has been pulled, we help you find the best treatments for better oral health.